Earlier this summer the inventor and owner of the Flex Trim Group - Poul Erik Jespersen - passed away. As a natural result of this, the family has made various considerations about the future. These have of course also included the ownership and leadership of the group.


"I am pleased that Flex Trim A/S and the associated companies will remain as family-owned and as family-driven companies with our children involved. This set-up will also ensure that the company will continue with the same values and innovative thinking which Poul Erik was the guarantor of.

For Poul Erik it was very important that the companies could continue as family-owned companies, where the whole family could contribute to the positive development. Our daughter Anne Bjerre Larsen gets the assignment as CEO of Flex Trim A/S while our son Per Jespersen will be associated with the production in the group. Personally, I will be member of the board” says Solveig Bjerre Jespersen who has become the ultimate owner of the group.


The Board of Directors of Flex Trim A/S has therefore appointed Anne Bjerre Larsen as CEO for Flex Trim A/S and the associated companies at the last board meeting.

Anne Bjerre Larsen has been working in Flex Trim A/S for the last 6 years, where she has worked as Poul Erik's right hand at the administrative level.

Anne Bjerre Larsen is married to Karsten Larsen, who is the Sales Director of Flex Trim A/S and together they have 3 children.


"It is my pleasure to get the opportunity to lead this company in the future and I will do my best to ensure the positive spirit and the very special DNA which characterizes Flex Trim A/S will continue.

Flex Trim A/S is a fantastic good and healthy company with a huge potential and with our both skilled and committed employees, I'm sure we can continue the very positive development we are in.


It certainly was not this way I wanted the appointment to happen. I had hoped that my farther could stand by my side for many years. But since this change has been planned for several years, I also feel that we are well-equipped for this task. Karsten has been in Flex Trim A/S for almost 20 years, so I am confident that we together will be a strong team to ensure that Flex Trim A/S will continue to be the market leader, "says Anne Bjerre Larsen in connection with her appointment as director.