From Glyngøre, Denmark to the Olympics in Rio 2016


From Glyngøre, Denmark to the Olympics in Rio 2016

Even though 100 meter Brush sanding still hasn’t made it to the Olympic-program, Flex Trim A/S is still sure to be a part of all the medal ceremonies both at the Olympic Games which are going on now and at the Para-Olympics later on this summer. Flex Trim A/S has supplied the sanding solution for the medal boxes which comes with the medals.

Back in March Flex Trim A/S got the request from a Portuguese company asking us for a solution. They had a big challenge by sanding the medal boxes and getting them ready in time – thousands of boxes needed to be ready before mid July, and time was running.

The biggest bottleneck was the sanding. They used 20 minutes in sanding time on every box. Flex Trim brought back a couple of boxes. After returning we went thru several tests in our test room until the right solution was found. The final sanding time went down to 1 min 53 sec, so the final calculation for the customer was quite easy.

So even though Denmark will not be the most winning nation in Rio, we will have our small share of each ceremony


“We, here in Flex trim are both proud and honored to get such a prestigious challenge, but it doesn’t come as a surprise. Flex Trim is no. 1 in the world when it comes to brush sanding, so I think it is only natural that the best athletes in the world should get the 1. Class quality when they are getting the medals” sales Manager Karsten Larsen, say with a big smile on his face, and continues “I must admit that when the Danish bike rider Jakob Fuglsang won his silver medal the first day, I was at the end of the chair to see if I could get a small view of the box. The job it self doesn’t have much economic effect, but it is prestigious and the good part is that now we are having an excuse to see as much of the games as possible.”

If you are interested in seeing the test which brought us the order, please see it on Flex Trim’s YouTube channel, where you also can find more inspiring solution.


The video of the sanding can be found here: 

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